museum of glass | tacoma, wa


The Museum of Glass utilizes three large reflecting pools in its outdoor plazas as a canvas for art installations, entry landscaping, and a backdrop for its private event venues.

Situated on multiple levels, the pools bring a reflective light to the glass sculptures that are placed in or near the water. The 210 foot long Main Plaza reflecting pool is home to Martin Blanks’ Fluent Steps permanent glass art installation.

The pools adjacent to the mezzanine and rooftop plazas overflow on one side into narrow receiving trenches. Popular for weddings and parties, the rooftop plaza’s pool was the site of Buster Simpson’s Incidence sculpture until 2008, and continues to regularly host unique glass art installations.

Project Completion: 2002

Services Provided: Construction DocumentationProcurement

Location: 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA