Planning & Design Development

We understand the importance of excellent design, foresight and a clear plan. Serving leading architectural firms, landscape architects, developers and municipalities, we provide tailored Planning & Design Development services, delivering innovative thinking and expert advice from the early stages of a water feature design project.

Each of our assignments brings a different set of requirements and unique site considerations. Our innovative approach to issues such as energy, water and building space conservation translates into sustainable designs that satisfy modern architectural challenges. Detailed assessments of visual impact, sound emission, water and energy consumption, impact of wind, potential for splash and spray-out, help form the foundation of our award winning designs. Our Planning & Design Development services may also include technical feasibility reviews and water feature mock-ups to fine tune water display programs and maximize the effectiveness of the designs for a particular site.

Our extensive experience in water feature design gives us a 360 degree perspective of a project’s design requirements and allows us to provide accurate and detailed documentation of installed systems. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible.