queen elizabeth park | vancouver, bc


This upgraded architectural water feature adds another chapter to the long history of water as a significant aspect of Queen Elizabeth Park, where the plaza and fountain are built atop the main drinking water reservoir for the City of Vancouver.

A water marvel, the grand fountain uses an adjustable volume pumping system to vertically display water at varying heights. When water jets reach maximum height, the water level within the pool can be seen to drop in response to the quantity of spray in the air.

An advanced mechanical system uses 70 jets to re-circulate 13,000 litres of water per minute, creating a spectacular water dance that dazzles park visitors. At night the water is illuminated with a warm white light, creating an impressive visual effect.

Project Completion: 2007

Services Provided: Planning and Design Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration, Procurement

Location: 4600 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC