UBC Buchanan building | vancouver, bc


This multi-purpose water feature is a testament to how function and beauty can exist harmoniously. Two older courtyards were transformed, with the addition of a rain garden and wetland vegetation, covered cafe patio, unique sculptural seating elements and a modern concrete pavilion sitting within a reflecting pool.

The pavilion sits cleverly over a substantial storm water harvesting cistern and corresponding reflecting pool surge tank.  Harvested storm water is utilized for both landscape irrigation and to maintain the reflecting pool’s water levels. Excess storm water flows through a series of water channels to supply a nearby rain garden.

In the evening hours the water feature makes a bold statement with attractive coloured uplighting directed at the pavilion structure.

Project Completion: 2011

Services Provided: Planning and Design Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration, Procurement

Location: 1866 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC